Dealing With a Child and Divorce

There are few things in life that are as devastating to a child as having their parents split up or divorce. A child can not understand that sometimes this change is for the better or even necessary. Helping the child feel secure, loved and confident during this transition is the responsibility of both parents. Confusion, denial, anger and uncertainty are all common in children dealing with divorce. It is important not only for the parents to be supportive but to involve or make aware other adult figures in the child’s life, coaches, teachers, and religious figures. These individuals can add to the support system and a child may sometimes find it easier to discuss their feelings with an impartial party.

child of divorce

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The following tips are recommended by top child psychologists as helping to ease the transition, be honest, don’t place blame, listen and be reassuring and work with your ex to maintain stability and structure for the child’s well being. A child needs to feel that even though the structure of their family is changing, the love the parents have for the child will never change. A simple, “I love you and always will,” can have great impact on a child dealing with divorce.

There is often confusion on the part of the parents in exactly how much information to give to a child regarding the reason for the divorce. Depending upon the child’s age, they may be more perceptive than you are aware. However, being direct and simple in your explanation would be best. Help them to understand that while some things may change, the most obvious being that the parents would no longer reside in the same residence, others will not.

It would be beneficial for the parents involved to pre-plan conversations regarding the divorce. It is so important to be united in the explanation for the divorce, and having a plan can ease that confusion. Also, developing a stable routine for the child and sticking to it creates structure in a world that can feel like it is crumbling. Lastly, be patient with the child, while you have had time to deal with the divorce this may come as a shock to the child. Remember, through all of this it is equally important to take care of yourself. If you remain healthy and emotionally stable it will be easier for the child to follow your example.

Software for Selecting a Profitable Territory for a New Franchise

Computer software can be used to organize statistical data for assessing the value of a territory for a new franchise. This is often referred to as franchise territory mapping. The franchise could be for a pizza restaurant, a clothing store or for an electronics store. The statistical information must come from reliable sources. The demographics are very important because the information about income and about the level of education can be used to evaluate the potential buying habits of the residents.


Franchise Territory Mapping is the first step to a successful franchiseThe information about the income level can be used to calculate an average amount for disposable income. The calculation for disposable income can be used to predict the shopping habits. There may a high demand for computers and for cameras. Office workers will usually shop at clothing stores that sell business suits. There may be an excellent opportunity for a new lawn care service. A franchise can be used to introduce new products, to offer similar products or to offer lower-priced products.

Reliable Sources of Information

When customers search for products on websites, the information is usually collected by the owners of the websites. The shoppers may be searching for desk lamps or for gutters. The information is usually categorized according to a specific location such as a particular city or a zip code area. The preferences of the local residents will reflect the shopping habits of those residents who want to order pizzas, to buy doughnuts or to buy a snowboard. The sources of the statistical information must be reliable.

Sales Volume

The business plans for a franchise should include an estimated amount for sales. An entrepreneur may use statistical information that reflects the buying habits of shoppers such as that each new customer will purchase a racing bike within a six-month time period. There are also statistics about restaurant customers. A restaurant owner may plan to attract 25 new customers by giving coupons to 100 homeowners. The amount of the sales volume can be used to calculate an amount for the profits.


Some communities have special attractions such as stadiums and parks. Huge crowds of sports fans will attend the events at a stadium, which will increase the flow of customer traffic for a local restaurant. A park is also a place where customers will attend events. The customers may want to order pizzas for a family picnic in the park. Joggers from the park may want to buy an MP3 player from an electronics store or a pair of running shoes from a sporting goods store.

Income Level

The prices for the products may not be the same at all locations. Some restaurant franchises may offer a large beverage at a discounted price while many of the other franchise locations do not offer the same level of discounted prices. There could be different items on the menus such as steaks, sandwiches or hot wings. The information about the income level will be used to assign the prices while the information about the customer preferences will be used to add items to the menu.

The Single Life-Divorced Males

The Single Life/Divorced Males

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The singular lifestyle might be as complicated as beginning above after a major calamity or even fatality in the family. Obviously our company may not consist of the youthful and consistently solitary within this write-up as these experts do not know any much better, have not coped with rearing little ones or even definitely adored one more person. That is the 30-year-old’s and much older who are actually separated and alone that are actually having the hardest time creating changes to their brand new found ways of life.

Baseding on USA separation studies 59 % from the people are actually gotten married to and 10 % of the populace is actually divorced (UNITED STATE Divorce, 2002). The tool age of initial divorce for guys is around Thirty Years old and also the medium grow older from the 2nd separation is around 40 years of ages. This leaves males slightly older than the traditional underemployed college student and younger than those aiming to look for Health insurance. In essence, “they are actually as well outdated to look after on the other hand, as well younger for Health insurance”.

Separation prevails in The United States due to the shortage from social design, family support and limited spiritual authority. This can be great or bad relying on the person and his/her intents. Yet something might be certain that lifestyle does not finish for a 30-something man out on his very own again.

Lately divorced guys have a great deal of points selecting all of them that their more youthful university co-workers carry out not possess. Typically, these experts are actually younger appearing and can easily sustain a literally healthy and balanced way of life when it comes to few medical concerns. On top of that, they possess a reasonable profit after an amount of years from employment, some resources like a house as well as a wonderful motor vehicle. Lastly, and also very most notably these experts are actually mature and understand where these experts are actually entering life. “Exactly what you view is exactly what you acquire” and a young lady does not have to take a rely on who are just what he or she is going to remain in 5 years.

Therefore when you really feel down approximately your latest separation simply keep in mind that you are in your very most effective years and have even more to offer compared to most individuals.

How To Carry Out a Divorce

Carrying out a divorce can be a very difficult task in case the two partners do not know the best way to go about it. This is an activity that involves a lot of emotions, and the partners may not be able to do it on their own, this may require them to visit a specialist who has the knowledge and skills of how a divorce should be carried out. The first step is to visit counselors who can try to solve the problem that they have, and if the counselor feels that they should conduct a divorce, then they can direct the partners to the specialists who help them with the divorce.
Before carrying out a divorce, it is important to consider whether both the partners are willing to conduct the divorce. Once they have confirmed that both of them want the divorce, they should then visit a legal team that can help them to carry out the process well. There are professional attorneys who have the knowledge required to carry out a legal divorce, this will involve the sharing of the property that the partners have together and the documents signed will remain with them so that in case one of the partners feels short changed they can visit the attorney and use the documents to sue the other partner.
If the partners had a child, it is most likely that the wife is the one that will go with the child if the child is still young. This may force the father to be contributing money for the upkeep of the child, this will be fully on the father if the mother does not have any job but in case the mother has a job then she can contribute a smaller percentage compared to the husband.
Some of the property that the partners had together may be sold in the process so that the money can be divided between them. In case they built a house together then there is no way they can share the house unless it is sold and the income from it divided between them. Carrying out a legal divorce is of the advantage that in case one person fails to honor the agreement made then the other party will be right to sue them in a court of law and get them fined for the act. It is also advisable because it ensures that there are documents to prove that the divorce was carried out.

A Checklist for the Post Divorce

After the Divorce Happens
Once the divorce is completed and over, you might want to consider a few items that need to be done. These are important items that may require the assistance of a professional. Some of these items on the list can easily be completed alone. The entire divorce may leave you feeling unorganized due to the changes. There are some very important tasks that will need to be put in order. This will require you to take note and ensure that the checklist is completed and tended to.

The Vital Checklist
The following items will be your post divorce list. Keep this uncomplicated and view the items of this list with care. The checking off of items will leave you feeling confident and orderly. This will be the start of your divorced lifestyle. Some of these items include the following list:
* Be certain to update your address information; this will include your credit card company
* check the names on the utility bills
* be certain that you obtain the copy of your divorce decree
* you may need to keep your former spouse’s social security number for future reference and tax returns
* be certain to obtain auto insurance
* close any joint accounts
* obtain your own personal credit report
* find out if you are covered by health insurance
* if you have minor children, be certain to notify the school of all divorce arrangements
* check to see if your former spouse will need to sign any IRS forms
* you will need to keep track of your children’s medical costs and insurance claims
* if your name has changed, you will need to update all legal documents
* keep in mind, a ten year marriage will leave you entitled to your spouse’s social security benefits
* draw up your own budget and spending plan
* if child support or alimony is a condition of the divorce, be certain that it is set-up logically and routinely
* be sure that health insurance is in order. Make any needed changes
* go over all joint credit cards and make certain that you will be the responsible party for yourself only. Remove the name of your former spouse
* change all wills, powers of attorney, and advance directives
This is a very good start for a post divorce checklist. Take your time and if you feel overwhelmed, you can keep in mind that there is support and help available to you. The divorce is a process. You might even add items to this list as you go through the process.

Surviving Divorce – Changing Your Name

You made it through the divorce, now what? If you are emotionally in a place to move on there is one important aspect that you need to consider, should you change your last name? In some cases there may be children involved, and in others you may professionally have been going by an ex’s last name for years. There could be a possibility of remarriage and too many name changes could be expensive and time consuming, and there is all the paperwork involved for government purposes; these factors should weigh greatly on your decision.

There are two times one could consider their name change, during and after the divorce dealings. If you already are set on a name change, then during the divorce would be a straightforward and easier process. In the new age world, there are many more name change options available than you may even know. There is the option to go back to your maiden name, hyphenate their name or some are choosing new last names all together!

Once you have made your decision start making lists. These lists should include all the organizations you will need to change your name with. This list can include, but not limited to, friends and family, co-workers, schools, doctors, insurance companies, financial institutions, etc. Be sure to check with your regional court clerk to find out the proper process to change your name, some states require more paperwork than others.

One final thing to consider in the name changing process is if you will be changing your children’s name. This process can be a little more complicated because most times it is necessary for your ex-spouse to agree to this, however the courts do have some jurisdiction to do what is in the best interest of the child. Also, changing a name does not change the legal depictions of the child’s parents. This is only done through legal adoption or a custody injunction.

Whatever your choice may be, prepare to hear opinions from everyone. There will be people who don’t understand but as long as you are firm in your choice, that doesn’t matter. Be sure to rectify those who incorrectly call you by your previous name. Being confident and consistent will eliminate anxiety.

Dating Dos and Don’ts for New Divorcees

While you were married, the idea of new romantic conquests may have seemed exciting and exotic. Now, the reality is scary and a stone is sitting in the pit of your stomach. Luckily, getting back out there is as easy as riding a bicycle. While bruises and bumps may be inevitable, a few tips will make dating a fun adventure and a great way to make new friends.

1. Do take it easy.

Dating does not equal relationship. No one should expect you to jump on the bull as soon as you enter the ring. Take your time, heal, get comfortable with your new surroundings and learn who you are as a single person again. You may have forgotten what you like and dislike in romantic partnerships. Have fun while re-learning this side of yourself.

2. Don’t get caught up in puppy love.

After feeling down and out post-divorce, the attention of a new person may make you feel young and alive again. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Just don’t run away with the idea of it. Remember that no one is perfect, and your new love interest will eventually show his or her flaws. Some flaws, you may be able to deal with and others you won’t.

3. Do think of how your kids feel before introducing them to someone new.

You may be certain that your children will like your new partner as much as you do. Perhaps they will… with time. Divorce affects children as much as parents, if not more. Take the time to help them understand the break-up first. Set aside parent-child outings. Don’t integrate your children into your new social life too fast or with too much intensity. They may need to feel security more than you realize, and casually introducing them to new people can be the equivalent of shaking the floor under their feet. You also don’t want your children to become attached to a person who won’t stay long-term.

4. Don’t ignore important signs.

Understand what you’re looking for and don’t settle for anything less or ask for more. Also, pay attention to any warning signs that your date may give off. Diving into the divorcee pool may seem like a great option. After all, they know where you’re coming from. Just be weary of unresolved baggage, anger issues or clingy behavior.